OPLIN Stats Portal (beta)

This site supplies basic usage data for some of the research databases provided statewide for public libraries. It does not reflect the full range of activity that can be reported for some databases, focusing instead on two metrics in particular:

When these standard metrics are not available, other vendor-determined statistics which most approximate the standards are gathered. For more information about database usage measurement standards, see the Friendly Guide for Librarians (pdf) or the full COUNTER Code of Practice website.

This site is still under-construction as we add more databases, so expect changes to the titles listed, the metrics shown, and the tools to navigate around. The new automated collection method may be reporting slightly different numbers than you've seen in the past. If you have questions, please contact OPLIN Support.


Contains stats for each database under the EBSCOhost umbrella. Includes usage number for library-paid databases separately. Download CSV detail file for specific database titles.

World Book

All World Book products reported together.


Download CSV detail file to see usage for Kids Infobits and ChiltonLibrary.


Download CSV detail file to see usage for Oxford Reference Encyclopedias and Very Short Introductions. Please note that there is more than one month’s delay in receiving stats from Oxford.

ProQuest (Fold3)

Currently, ProQuest only provides Fold3 stats (and a few of their library-purchased resources) through this interface.

Lynda Library edition

Does not contain usage for the new LinkedIn Learning platform.